Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We say it without thinking. We hear it all the time. It’s in the movies, it’s in music and it’s in the books we read. “Jesus Christ! Cathy takes forever to get ready!” “Oh you guys! I just met the most perfect man! I’ll love him forever!” “Ugh… that class lasted forever!” “I was doing homework for forever last night; I never thought it would end.”

According to, “forever” is both a noun and an adverb. Noun “forever” is defined as "an endless or seemingly endless period of time." Adverb “forever” has two meanings; 1] Without ever ending; eternally and 2] Continually; incessantly; always. The website also has the idiom, “Forever and a day”.

Once again, I’ve broken out my trusty, not-so-rusty, Webster’s Thesaurus and turned to page two hundred and ninety-six. “Forever: 1. [For all time] – everlastingly, permanently, until the Day of Judgment or the end of time or Doomsday, perpetually, always, evermore, saecula saeculorum (Latin), eternally, unchangingly, for keeps, till hell freezes over, from the cradle to the grave, for life, for always,” and there are more. I just picked my favorites.

Forever is one of those words that people shouldn’t use without fully realizing what it is that they’re saying. Forever isn’t the ten minutes longer it takes Cathy to get ready. Forever isn’t a word that means “until we feel like ending it.” Forever is a word that really does mean FOR EVER. There is no end. There will never be an end. It will continue to go on and on and on… and you get the point.

Forever. Oh Forever. You are a complicated word at best, and at worst you raise hopes and then dash them against the pavement and watch their brains ooze out. When you get married, you promise forever to your spouse. But how many marriages end in divorce these days? Too many. Is forever really a word that we as humans should be able to use? I feel like forever is a word that indicates more than we are able to comprehend.

Forever. Forever goes beyond the limits of human capacity. Forever goes beyond the limits of time. When the sun explodes in however many million years and engulfs the earth in a fiery rage, forever will still continue. When Judgement Day comes and whatever is supposed to happen happens, forever will still exist. Forever exists beyond what we understand. The universe goes on forever. Can you really make that wonderful romantic claim that you will love someone forever? What about that remark that Cathy takes forever to get ready? Class doesn't last forever, it lasts an hour and some odd. Forever lasts forever.

I'm a romantic. I can't help it. I was raised on Disney movies and the notion that every girl will get a handsome prince and a fairy tale ending. Ever since I was little I craved for a man to tell me he would love me forever. I sighed and swooned as I read it, watched it in the movies and on TV. And then as I grew up I realized what a sham that was. Forever isn't something that can be promised by human lips. It's something that happens when two souls find each other and match. It's something I would attribute to a Divine Grace of whatever divinity you worship, if any.

Forever is not just a word. Forever is a promise. And one you shouldn't make without fully comprehending how long an eternity is.


DanielMelville said...

i hope you keep writing forever

WordMonger said...

You're so cute... <3 Thanks for supporting me Danny. It really means a lot to me.

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